About Us

Mission Statement

Pace Properties’ mission is to bring value to our clients by providing superior, comprehensive commercial real estate services and to enrich the communities in which we live and work.

Vision Statement

Pace Properties’ vision is to be a leading commercial real estate firm throughout the Midwest.

We will pursue this vision by accomplishing the following objectives:

  • Providing competitive compensation and benefits, an outstanding work environment, and opportunities for employee ownership and personal growth that will make Pace Properties the “first choice” for employees among places to work.
  • Consistently providing best-in-class service that delivers meaningful value to our clients.
  • Supporting and improving the communities where we live and work.
  • Consistently growing the company’s share value through a combination of organic growth in existing business lines, new service offerings, geographic expansion, and acquisitions.

Values Statement

Above all else, employees of Pace Properties are guided by the following core values:


We keep our word. Pace Properties’ employees deliver on their commitments to fellow employee-owners, clients, vendors, and even competitors. We exercise our best judgment and always strive to do what is right.


We work as a team. Pace Properties’ employees collaborate with one another. We share information, professional contacts and other resources and we support one another’s professional growth, which allows us to deliver the most well-informed services to our clients.

Client Focus

We deliver superior service and value to meet the needs of our clients. Pace Properties’ employees listen to our clients, and we put their needs first. We are driven by long-term client relationships, not just the requirements of any one specific engagement.

Community Service

We are passionate about the communities where we live and work. Pace Properties and its employees support and improve those communities - as a company and as individuals - through charitable contributions, volunteer activities, and participation in community events and organizations.